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    Timber Mill. Timber Offcuts and Woodchips Brisbane, North Brisbane and Sunshine Coast

    Our unique advantages in the marketplace include

    • Three generations of saw milling experience
    • On-site control of quality and quantity of timber
    • Our ability to accurately produce specific timber sizing to suit the requirements of any job

    We can confidently meet the demands of any size of pallet or crate order, as well as guarantee the quality our customers expect. Whether you are after large quantities of pallets or simply need a few crates, we can fulfil your order with the utmost expertise and efficiency.

    Timber components

    At Seapal Pallets & Crates Pty Ltd, we also offer specialised timber products, including gluts, dunnage, battens and specialised timber machining – grooved, mitred, drilled or trenched to your specifications.

    Zero waste

    Seapal Pallets & Crates Pty Ltd is committed to upholding a zero-waste policy, believing that every piece of every log has a purpose.

    • All our bark is used for landscaping
    • All timber off-cuts are chipped and used for the manufacture of paper and chipboard
    • All our sawdust is used for gardening products and agricultural purposes

    We even recycle old pallets into chip!

    seapal pallets wood piled up and tied
    seapal pallets in the truck with waste
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